Thursday, January 16, 2014

A New Bedroom "Door"

I bought the gold brocade curtains years ago for my large, high-ceilinged place in Palm Springs and brought them to SMA because I thought that each bedroom should have some sort of "door". After determining that I'd need nothing more complicated than an expandable curtain rod to hang them, I walked down to Don Pedro, a large local hardware store on the "Ancha" (the wide road to Celaya). In addition to the curtain rod, I needed a hammer, nails, and a hose for the garage and sidewalk.

How to shop at Don Pedro
First you take a number. Then you explain to the guy at the counter (in Spanish) what you want, and he goes back into a huge two-story warehouse to find everything he thinks you said you need. When everybody agrees that this is the right stuff, he punches it all into a computer terminal and sends you to another guy who gives you a ticket. You take the ticket to the cashier and pay, and finally you take your receipt back to the guy who gave you the ticket to pick up your bag of items. After all that,  you remember that you also needed dulicate house keys so you start the entire process all over again. Meanwhile, lots of other gringos come and go, but they belong to the I-was-here-before-you gang, so they do not allow themselves to greet you or make eye contact or even smile.

After all that walking and standing around at Don Pedro, you take a taxi back up the hill, and after spending less than two minutes on the ladder, voila! you have a new bedroom "door".

Hey! How about that color scheme?

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